Five strangers, each touched by those who travel beyond the mist, find themselves drawn into a land that has gone untouched by light for hundreds of years, a land for whom hope is a half remembered legend. Each of our strangers are drawn in for their own reasons: revenge on those who sought to ambush them; duty to free their clan from slavery; belonging, as one seek out a people who exist in the fog of infant memories; to break a deal that cost one their soul; to sever a bond that they might do not yet fully understand. The odds are stacked against them as the lord of this land is a man for whom time means nothing and even powerful wizards are but playthings for his amusement; a man who is hunger and fury; a man who controls all the grotesques that thrive in the moon light; the man known as Strahd, and his wrath shakes the heavens. Yet the Strangers might yet overcome, if they can resolve their conflicts and find allies in this gods forsaken land, allies to help them lift. . . The Curse of Strahd

The Curse of Strahd

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