Father Donovich


The soil of the grave lies light in Barovia and for those who are turned by the Devil Strahd, the soil does not grace them at all, this is an elemental truth for the lands of mist. Father Danovich knew this and accepted it, he had praised the morning lord to the full extent of his ability for all his years and in return had secured his church on hallowed ground. From his position of security he served the town helping to bring light to the dark shroud in which Barovia resided.

Light came into his life seventeen years ago when his son Dmitry was born. Full of life and vigor, Dmitry stood out from the majority of Barovian citizens but a wanderlust look in his eye was cause for concern in father Danovich. In Barovia you were born and in Borovia you will die, traveling will only lead a person to a quick death and a shallow grave.

Father Danovich tried to lead his son to a life of faith, to find comfort in the morning lord but his efforts were in vain.One year ago, when the blustery Wizard marched through to confront the Devil Strahd, Demitri went with him.

The march was doomed and the few who returned were forever changed but none more than Demitri; the Devil Strahd had corrupted him, had changed him.

Father Danovich tried all he could to restore his son. Demitri was not seen after his return but the blood curdling cries of a man in agony could be heard coming from the church during the night over the past year and the church, which had once been a shining beacon, fell into disrepair, its land lying fallow.

Donovich became a broken man, who spent all his waking hours in prayer until his voice ran hoarse, his hollow skin clung desperately to his bones, and his throat bled.

This is how the heroes found him as they needed him to lead the burial service for the burgermeister.

In the graveyard, he droned through the service, his heart not in his words he drew out every line until it was frayed. His strained drawn out delivery left them exposed when the Devil Strahd and his forces attacked the graveyard.

In the fray, Strahd’s influence wormed into Modron’s mind, in Modron’s eyes Danovich had defied his sovereign and the punishment was death. His arrow struck the father in his lung, as the blood poured out from him so too did the light fade from Barovia.


Father Donovich

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