Radu Ranovitz

A Vistani who's smile is wider when your back is turned


He flashes an easy and overly ingratiating smile, “Sit my friends,” he says after learning your names, “let us sit, drink and be merry!”

Not an overly tall man, not a handsome man, no commanding presence yet there is something likable yet irritatingly ingratiating about him. His clothes are gaudy and his neck is weighed down by the most ostentatious display of necklaces, pendants and chokers that all gleam with genuine gold, but he jangles too much for the jewelry you can see, one suspects pounds of costume jewelry under his clothes.

Radu was never one to keep a low profile, so when the party had set their eyes on finding Vistani, their trail lead to him almost from the second they set foot in Citadel Adabar. They found him staying very lavishly in a very unlavish Inn known as, “The Green Dragon Inn”. Thorim hoped that Radu could lead him to the people whom he had sold his soul to while Durnaveer accused him of kidnapping his clan. Radu had told the party the people they truly sought were hold up a day and a half’s march to the south west in a crypt to the Knights of Argynvost.

As Dusk had already settled and the moon was high in the sky, Radu had invited the party to stay the night drinking and reveling at his own expense. Serile had asked him what his story was and so he told them the story of his land ad his people.

Radu commenced drinking some of the party under the table while the others were distracted by dancing and free meals/ When they awoke to pounding heads, they discovered that Modron’s Signet ring was missing and one of Thorim’s earrings had been taken. They instantly suspected Radu and went to confront him only to discover that he had slipped out of his window in the night.

Serile discovered his tracks running to the south west, the same direction as the crypt. The chase was on.

Yet why did Radu take only personal effects and not money or valuables? Why had he been so quick to tell them where they would find what they sought? The party hoped to find him so as to get their answers.

Radu Ranovitz

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